Channel M Updates - Emergency Man and Woman will premiere on Channel M on the 21st of April 10PM(Check your own country’s time) for Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Philippines.

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The Emergency Couple volunteer project to Boramae Medical Center has been cancelled.


To fulfill a ratings promise, the team of tvN’s Emergency Couple made were scheduled to do community service on April 17 at Boramae Medical Center. However with the entire nation in sadness with the recent sinking of a passenger ship in Jindo, the group decided to fulfill its promise another…

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Due to the ferry incident, entertainment programs this week in South Korea will stop. 

That means, Emergency Man and Woman Concert(19/4), Sudden Attack Fan Meet for JiHyo and Gary(19/4) will be rescheduled. Running Man this week might be rescheduled. The dates in which these programs or event will be rescheduled to will be noticed on another date.

Pray for the safe return of the people on board the ferry.


Emergency Couple Singapore Fan Meeting 
Date: 16th May 2014
Time: 7PM
Venue: Kallang Theatre
Tickets: S$188 S$118 S$108 S$98
Fanmeet + Photograph / Hi-5 Session 
(information cr. Channel M facebook)

*Tickets are available on SISTIC Check it out!

Dongjun (about Jihyo’s cons): She sleeps a lot. She is sleeping. She sleeps all day.

He actually grabbed her and she didn’t wake up LOL



Grazia Pictorial at Bali

Cr: Grazia Korea FB via DCSJH

How can? When? Where?
I am at Bali right now!!!

You are in Bali? You can check if she is still there, the post made use of present tense, maybe she is still there 0_o. The post was made 8hours ago by the way. If she is there, go, run and find her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Else just enjoy your trip. By the way the where part, heard this was probably taken at “alila villas uluwatu”.But news leaked out 2 days ago before that she was going to film a pictorial, location unknown, don’t know if she was already at Bali 2 days ago or not