Jihyo & Seulong carrying out their mission

Jihyo recommending the ride for extreme scariness

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140901 TVB STAR TALK Song Ji Hyo exclusive interview

Full credit : 
original source : youtube@andywong1986  
original credit : [HD1080p] cr: H.K J2 Entertainment News report.
All the videos cannot re-upload on youtube.

** will try to translate the video into English as fast as I could.

Finally a proper interview about <Emergency Couple>,
MC asks about how JH feel about Oh Jin Hee, 
JH’s similarities with OJH,
what are the difficulties while filming EC, 
how is the aura among co-actors,
how is the first scene (Big fight) shot,
What makes EC lovable by audience…

Also JH talks about filming both drama & variety show, 
her charisma (She is shy after talking about it … keke)
and thanks Hong Kong fans

She says a lot of “Thank you” in Cantonese and that is sosososo cuteXD

**I will try my best to make it into English asap

Anonymous asked:

Where do you watch Running Man latest episodes on Monday? (Eng Subs)

Monday, hmm we usually we for the Chinese subs out on Sunday night. For English subs, we used to use kshownow ->myksn, not sure whether it updates on Mondays or Tuesdays?

similar qnimage

There used to be iSUBS, but there was a lot of issues and stuff, this site is for soft subs: X, never used them before so not sure whether it is under a different subbing team. It is quite to miss out a line or 2 during subbing especially when they all talk together and stuff, so you can try different versions ^^

Thanks weegle5~ Kshowonline updates on Tuesdays~

Edit: Other sites… dramafever(location restriction) and from past experience, drama.net uses the sub from dramafever for their video(no location restriction), dramafire was quite good with the subs for ER, not sure about RM ^^ And you can follow Runmanclub, they have an update status at the side

The rest of the messages we will reply after Thursday, cause we will be slightly busy these few days… ^^

Seulong asking if Jihyo got older

Anonymous asked:

Why I can't open the video from Dropbox? It's written "the operation not completed or some whatever. I'm using iPad btw. Tx

Does iPad support f4v videos, we renamed it to mp4 so it you can stream it on Dropbox, but essentially the file format should still be a f4v. Suggest you download it first, transfer it to a computer later on? Cause the video isn’t really ours, and there is a really huge watermark on it, not sure if the original uploader allow reuploads or not… You can try and see how it goes? We will keep the video there.

Jihyo & Seulong having their freetime ‘date’ in the themepark

Anonymous asked:

Hello :) Do you have any videos of jihyo mc-ing with heechul in inkigayo? Thanks

Yes~ Any particular part you are referring to? Cause the quality of the videos aren’t that good, if you want you can search on tudou or youku, all the videos can be found there, not sure if they are still there though. Just search for “人气歌谣”+ the date

Anonymous asked:

Do you have the last ep of one Night SBS when SJH became MC?

We have the last part to that episode, a short interview + some cuts of her hosting, dropbox: X after you download it, do drop us a message so we can delete it, cause the video doesn’t belong to us(cr to SBS Hanbam and uploader(on vid MDONG)). Or we will delete it ~2days later