Anonymous asked:

Can you tell me what song in ER were play in RM ep?

According to the song title given in the OST: X

66:35 Emergency Couple 응급남녀

68:50 Hospital Internship Paper 병원 인턴 백서

Anonymous asked:

can you tell me what is the exact time in the latest RM ep is the ER Couple opening played? :D

Should be 66:35 & 68:50

Anonymous asked:

Hi did you watch running man the latest episode? They put Emergency Couple opening song as BGM! (Omg pardon my unimportant message. I just want to share happiness lol) ;p

Yea we realised haha, during the ideal type part lol. XDXD

Always so caring towards his noona.
Anonymous asked:

I've only become a super fan of jihyo since I discovered running man last year. I know that since joining RM jihyo has become popular. My question is since becoming popular did she had a hiatus this long? like its been 3 months since her last drama. no news about new CF,new drama, new drama.

Previously it was much~~~~~~~~ longer, honestly speaking 3 months isn’t long for her, but long for fans, at least for us =P. There were news, we just posted it yesterday, she was doing a photoshoot for NBA F/W season just yesterday(CF, more like pictorial). No point hurrying her though, it won’t change anything haha, just let her rest well before she proceeds to her next project, well we can only wait XD please let the next project be worth the wait ^^

Anonymous asked:

Are you Korean?

아니요~ =P 

Anonymous asked:

Hiii!! I'm not sure whether this is something that has happened in the past or not but since I'm new in watching RM I'm truly curious about this: if you guys noticed, in the recent episode (ep 204 and 205) Jihyo wears earring. Usually earring design comes in pairs but in those 2 episodes her left side earring design is a 'star' while on the right it's a 'circle'. Is the design supposed to be like that or not? If you guys are able to answer this let me say thank you first ^_^

She has been wearing the same set of earrings for awhile, she wore the same pair or earrings when she went for the fan meet in Singapore(May). Should be a mix and match, either by her or her stylist~ =P It is quite common to see her with star shaped earrings anyway ^^ 

Similar earrings:

Star-Shaped Earrings(though this is really different XD)

Anonymous asked:

what happened to her? she seem to be bloated recently or so call put on weight. Taking a long break is not so good for an actress if she is still thinking to be an actress not entertainer in RM.

We can only say she has most probably been eating well and resting well these days, it has been ~3 months since the end of EC, not rare that she takes such long break(though it is driving us insane), we only have rumours of new projects, like tons of rumours… =.= but no official news. Hope her next project is worth the wait~ ^^ It better be =P

Anonymous asked:

she ever hold any fan meeting in any country beside that EC fan meeting? what about in other country? No fan meeting because she is not as popular as other actresses? Her agency is not helping her much.

In the past yes, there was one in South Korea, but it was a long time ago and it was a very small scale event, and there is still the RM fan meet in Singapore last year.But she doesn’t seem like the type who would like to have such events often anyway. For fan meetings it is more of the celebrity rather than the company, or rather both parties, at least the company would most probably not lose any money for her case if they would to hold such events, C-JeS recently had a fan meeting for one of the actors, and also held countless amount of fan meet for JYJ. Not sure why there isn’t many for her though

Anonymous asked:

did she have any plastic surgery

No. According to professionals(plastic surgeons), they voted her as the top 10 most natural(without plastic surgery) beauty in South Korea for a few times, they are professionals, they should know how to determine.

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