Details about Woobin’s and JiHyo’s arrival tomorrow via: 360kpop, kitesvn

Corrections: Woobin will be arriving at 14:10 Song Ji Hyo 22:10(Vietnam time zone) 

Based on that Woobin should be getting on KE5677 and JiHyo on KE683(the flight no. is just a guess~)

Plus venues, don’t interrupt the filming though~ XD just watch if possible~


cr. Actress Zhao Chen Yan(赵晨妍)’s weibo & instagram

Instagram’s comment: 

Full of happiness, Song Ji Hyo onnie is awesome, she is beautiful
and polite, she even takes her blanket to cover with me together,
a goddess onnie like her, everyone wouldn’t help but fall in love with her~
Kenji Wu oppa is very handsome and very kind,
I feel so blissful to film with them


photos cr. topstarnews

About the movie <70 80 90>
**Information are summarized by me
   and it is for comprehensive purpose only**

Summary of movie <70 80 90>
It is a youth encouraging story which is adapted from true story of entrepreneurs. The movie covers from 1990 to 2014, describing how people from different generations (70s, 80s & 90s) chase for their dream of staring their own business in the Shenzhen City. Alongside with the inspiring story, there are also romantic lovelines.
(*historical background: Shenzhen, one of the first Special Economic Zones established in the late 1979 under the “reforming and opening” policy of China Government)
Summary of Ji Hyo’s and Kenji Wu’s roles
Ji Hyo plays a role who is born in 80s and in the movie
she mainly collaborates with Taiwan singer Kenji Wu &
Mainland actor Li Don Han.

- Song Ji Hyo’s role:
Duan Yu Rong (段玉蓉), who is a beautiful and smart yet single 
office lady who works in Shenzhen. She is a workaholic, although
she confronts lots of problems in the work field, she is able to solve
each of them wisely.

- Kenji Wu’s role: 
Feng Nan Sha (馮楠沙), son of a rich entrepreneur who only likes
playing music and has no interest in running family business. He later started to run the business because of his family but he is consecutively striked by his competent.

Information about the movie
- scheduled to be aired in Mainland China (National) in August 2015.
  (for the 35th Anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen SEZ) 
- one of the candidate movies in Macau International Film Festival.

Anonymous asked:

sorry before. but i'm actually shock hearing she'll act in china for chinese movie with chinese actor. first i thought what the h*ck is this!! but yeah she is actreess who can act wherever she wants, ofc, and as her fans i should support her. but still i cant think properly whats going on. why she doesnt act for kdrama or kmovie, why must chinese. as her fans, sorry, but truely, i'm disappointed

Is it a very bad thing to act outside Korea? At first we were shocked too, shocked by the news and perhaps also shocked by why did she have to choose to film a China production as well(truthfully speaking.. multiply the shock by like N times). But come to think of it, from different angles it doesn’t sound that bad anymore. It isn’t like she is going to stay there forever, she will be returning to Korea to film as well. If it is a good script why not, don’t think we should doubt the production even before it starts, yes it did come as surprising news but, well at least from what we have heard the script isn’t bad. It is quite common nowadays for Korean actors to act in Chinese films, furthermore the casts seems to be made up of people from different countries as well, no big deal there.

Well it is still far too early to judge whether this production will a success or not, no point getting disappointed based on stereotypes of what Chinese films are like. Anyway it wouldn’t take too long for her to film this movie(filming duration), so it isn’t like she is going to get tied down. And though she is taking up this role means doesn’t mean she has no options, well the fact is only she knows what are her options, we can only see her choice. As fans we can only believe there is a reason behind every choice she makes, who knows, not like we have read the script enough to judge. Maybe it will be a good experience for her to try new things, be it culture or social networking, she will be learning from people of different backgrounds, this experience will be precious for her and it may be a good thing for her future career. Well we can only judge after the final movie is out, it is still too early to make judgement now…^^(the other question answered here as well) And no, the news isn’t fake, let’s be optimistic about it okay~^^ Like how not all Korean dramas/movies are good, not all China productions are bad,.. there are good ones too

She will be acting alongside Kenji Wu in the movie <708090> 

Cr: My_name_is_Chery

Running Man Ep213(actress special) will not be shown this week due to the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. And Roommate will be airing its final episode of season 1 at 7pm.

Running Man Ep213(actress special) will not be shown this week due to the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. And Roommate will be airing its final episode of season 1 at 7pm.

Anonymous asked:

hi you can take good pictures from song ji hyo at running man fanmeet

Running Man Fan meet? Last year? Singapore? Don’t think we have this set full, was on hiatus during that period of time and bogged down by EC right after that so didn’t look for photos… Anyone have a full set of photos from this event?

Anonymous asked:

is it true running man will not airing this week whhhhy

Incheon games 2014~ Whether true or not we ain’t sure, probably. Even if it is airing, they might not air the usual amount of airtime.

SBS official site:

Naver site:

NBA X SONGJIHYO Collaboration FW’14 - Cr: NBAStyleWeibo

The official HD photos should be out sometime soon~